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Dedicate election cheating declaration project to Leslie Gingrich

We lost a great Patriot today.  Leslie Gingrich died on her Harley-Davidson this morning on Route 895 after hitting a trench covered with gravel.  She was a bright light at our meetings and on fire for taking back our country from socialist and communist fools.  Leslie signed for our group on May 11th in Harrisburg and can be seen in most pictures on the steps.  She was 50 years old and had almost completed a truck driving school.  She helped Mastriano a lot in his campaign.  Send any gifts to her Fiancé Dean Hartenstine and daughter at 317 Pine Creek Drive Orwigsburg, PA 17961.  I suggest we dedicate our effort to her memory.  May God bless Leslie and her family and friends.  Long live Leslie!!

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guns - a double-edged sword

As history has proved, guns are a double-edged sword. Our Founding Fathers didn’t give us the Second Amendment for deer hunting. They granted us guns so that we could protect our precious nation from devolving into fascism, as so many others have done. Government's job is to protect the American people, government's job is not to protect individuals from hurting themselves. Politicians who value the American ideal don’t try to diminish the Second Amendment or blame it for social ills that we as a country have failed to solve.

And guns can be extremely dangerous when they are falling into the wrong hands. "All political power comes from the barrel of a gun", the quote was from Mao Zedong, founder of Communist China. Mao’s first act after taking over China in 1949 was to take away all guns from the population. "Everybody should have a gun", Castro insisted until he took over Cuba in 1959. The same thing happened to Venezuela.

What is more dangerous? Gun violence or even a civil war. A civil war always ends by warranting a dictatorship government. Dictators throughout much of history began their mass killings and self-destruction after gaining complete control of the countries, just so they could stay in power.

Any political changes should be done through democratic process, which is VOTE, and encourage others to vote.

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