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Fists in Solidarity

Dedicate election cheating declaration project to Leslie Gingrich

We lost a great Patriot today.  Leslie Gingrich died on her Harley-Davidson this morning on Route 895 after hitting a trench covered with gravel.  She was a bright light at our meetings and on fire for taking back our country from socialist and communist fools.  Leslie signed for our group on May 11th in Harrisburg and can be seen in most pictures on the steps.  She was 50 years old and had almost completed a truck driving school.  She helped Mastriano a lot in his campaign.  Send any gifts to her Fiancé Dean Hartenstine and daughter at 317 Pine Creek Drive Orwigsburg, PA 17961.  I suggest we dedicate our effort to her memory.  May God bless Leslie and her family and friends.  Long live Leslie!!

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When the government takes control of every aspect of your life, what will you lose?

You will lose everything. I am seeing more and more American’s freedom of choice is being restricted, and stupid mandates are being forced down by the government to individuals, from vaccine mandates to gun control, pretty soon, the government will stop listening to normal citizens, make decisions for you, your family and your children. Let’s support a limited government and keep our freedom untouched.

This year is the 33rdanniversary of the 1989 June Fourth Movement, known as the1989 Tiananmen Square protests, a student-led democracy demonstration held in Tiananmen Square, Beijing. Although I was a student during 1989 in China, I was not in Tiananmen Square on June 4th, therefore I cannot tell you what exactly happened on that day. I know that it was a wider spread democracy demonstration across the entire country of China, and it ended on June 4thafter the fully equipped army of troops massacred peaceful, ordinary folks outside the square.

When the government takes control of every aspect of your life, it will dismiss any issues you or your family may have, and do anything to absolve itself of responsibility, a dictatorship government has no mercy. Let’s not hand over our freedom to the government.

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